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One-third of the Canadian population suffers from tooth decay. Tooth decay can lead to permanent tooth loss if left untreated. The solutions available for treating tooth loss can be costly, time-consuming and even uncomfortable. Tooth implants can be both expensive and take up unfavourable amounts of time to execute. On the other hand, Dentures, while cheaper and faster to achieve can be very uncomfortable and unsatisfying for patients.

Luckily there is a relatively newer solution. The All on 4 implant technique. This method allows patients to receive a full arch of teeth, either top or bottom row, with only 4 implants. All the teeth in a row are attached using only 4 screws. Hence the name, all on 4. A common misconception people have about this technique is that it is simply a denture that is screwed in. However, that is not the case. Dentures are much larger structurally as they grip the roof of the mouth and wrap around the gums. The bridge used in the All on 4 technique is extremely small in comparison to dentures. It is just big enough to hold the screws and the teeth. This allows for a much more comfortable experience for patients.

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This is one of the best offers available in the market. This is only available for a limited period of time and subject to financing approval.

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Call us or go online to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. You will be required to tell us about your current dental issues and past dental work. The dentist will then review your case and hopefully set a date and time when you want to substitute your old smile for shiny new All on Four solutions.

Permanent Solution

All on Four or Six are a long-lasting, natural-looking, hygienic teeth replacement that allows you to live confidently; smiling, laughing and eating all kinds of food again. It feels like you never lost any tooth. Taking proper care of the dental implants and regular brushing, as well as flossing, could make them last for the rest of your life. This can result in considerable savings as you will never have to go for options like crowns, bridges, and dentures which typically only last 5 to 10 years.

An excellent trait for the all on 4 procedure is how efficient it is. A patient can walk into the clinic and walk out with their new set of teeth in one day. Of course, prior planning and scanning are required. Another benefit to this technique is the fact that it requires no alteration to the bone that holds your teeth other than drilling holes for screws. This means no bone grafting is necessary. However, this also means that patients that do not possess big enough bones may not be eligible for this procedure.


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