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The key to a healthy oral hygiene for your child begins at their early age. Although kids get irritable and difficult when it comes to cleaning their teeth, you can always get a pediatric dentist that will make the journey easy for you. Apart from making your child comfortable with the subject of oral hygiene, the dentist will also help to monitor your child's teeth from that tender age. This monitoring is essential in identifying any defects that may require the child to have braces or undergo other methods of correction. Here are a few basic but very crucial points that you need to know about your child's oral hygiene.

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When should a child first visit the dentist?

A lot of parents wonder when to take their children to the dentists. Well, experts say that the child should visit the dentist before their first birthday. This is because, for most babies, they will start teething at around six months and will continue having the milk teeth until the child turns three years old. The children will then get the permanent teeth from age six. Some toothbrushes are tailor-made for children as young as five years old. However, for the younger child, you can clean their teeth with a wet cloth, just to ease them into having their teeth examined.

My child is afraid – what should I do?

In cases where the child is afraid either because of a bad prior experience or horror stories told by their friends, it rests upon you the parent to make the visit as seamless as possible. One of the easy ways to do this is to avoid sharing stories that can easily instill fear in the child. Even if you are tempted to give explanations on what will happen, avoid such discussions and reassure the child. Once you get to the examination room, it is advisable for you to follow the orders of the dental staff. This will show the child that you trust the doctors, hence making the child have confidence in them as well. Make sure you give the child a treat to encourage their confidence during the visit.

How often should a child visit the dentist?

When it comes to the number of times a child should visit the dentist, the advisable rate is twice per year. During this time, the child will be taught the correct way of brushing their teeth and will also be introduced to flossing. You can also spare a minute of your visits to ask questions that you may have and allow the child to seek clarification from the dentist.

What happens if there's a cavity in my child's baby tooth?

If you notice a cavity on your child's tooth, ensure you take them to the dentist so that it is filled. This applies even to the milk teeth. If you leave it unattended, it is likely to harm the permanent tooth growing in its place.

How to encourage good dental hygiene at home

The best way to ensure that the lessons picked from the dentist are practiced at home is to set a routine that is followed strictly. Teach the child to brush their teeth after every meal and before they go to bed. Also, use the child-friendly toothpaste until they get older.


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