Dental Exam / Checkup


Dental Exam/Checkup; What It Entails and Why You Should Have It

With our dedicated team of dentists, we are specialized to perform a thorough check up on your overall well-being by focusing more on your teeth. To successfully perform a full dental checkup, X-ray is one of the key things that might be required. After the examination, a treatment plan is established. There is no doubt that after you are content with the plan, the realization of your dream of healthy smile will be inevitable.

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Dental Examination

Our dentist will help determine the chances of getting gum related deceases or tooth decay by checking your oral health, teeth, and gums.

X-Ray & CT Scan

As usual, X-Rays and other diagnostic procedures are performed by our dental radiology. However, you should note that there might be extra costs associated with these plans.

Dental Consultation

Our dentist will perform an examination to determine whether you might need teeth cleaning by removing stains and food materials, teeth restoration, or teeth replacement.

Treatment Plan

To determine a perfect treatment plan that will suit you best, our doctors will first discuss your teeth health status before recommending an ideal treatment plan.

You hygienist or dentist will then advise you on the medication to use in case you might be having any other oral problems. Also, the recommended medication will include taking drugs that might not affect your oral health. For instance, a diabetic patient is likely to be at a higher risk of getting gum related diseases. Note that the use of unsuitable medication causes dry mouth, which significantly contributes to overall oral health. In addition, it also increases the chances of getting tooth decay. For patients with prosthetic replacements, the doctor performs an examination to check whether there are problems or determine if you will require any prosthetic adjustments. After performing a prosthetic checkup, the doctor will then advice on a good diet or provide you with necessary tips that will help improve your oral health.

The bottom line is that dental health is a personal issue that requires individuals to take upon by themselves. However, note that by choosing the right dentist in Erin Mills, you will be guaranteed quality dental health. You will not only get the required dental health care but also top-notch assistance. Whenever you require dental health-care, all you are required to do is contact Erin Mills Smile Dentistry, and your dental issue will be a thing of the past.


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