Dentures, Crowns and Bridges


Dentures, Crowns and Bridges

When looking for a dental crown or dentures clinic in Erin Mills, it's important to choose the right dentist for you. Cosmetic dentistry is no less important than dentistry performed on natural teeth. Many procedures in cosmetic dentistry are popular treatments such as dentures, bridges and crowns. These procedures are quick, semi-permanent or permanent additions to your teeth.

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The crowns are the outer most parts of your teeth. They are the cap to your teeth. Their role is to protect the teeth from severe damage. They also restore the shape and appearance of the teeth when dental work fails.


The bridges replace the missing teeth. That is, they connect two missing teeth by bridging the gap. Each bridge consists of more than one crowns on each side of the gap. Dentists call it anchoring teeth.


Dentures are found in two forms. The partial dentures and the full dentures. Your dental condition determines the type of dentures you need.


A denture clinic in Erin Mills will offer two types of dentures. The full dentures and the partial dentures.

The full dentures are held by suctions. They are a complete set of teeth. Full dentures are a complete set of teeth that are held in by suction. The full dentures are useful to people who have removed all their natural teeth. They are removable. Full dentures allow the patient's mouth to completely heal after all the teeth have been removed. This process takes a while before complete healing.

The full yet temporary dentures are pre-ordered. As soon as the teeth are removed, they are placed in the mouth. They offer the patients some relief as they wait for the remaining set of dentures to be completed. These dentures are adjusted once in a while because, after teeth removal, the healing process changes how the gums and jawbone look.

The Partial dentures are made for patients whose desire is to maintain their natural teeth. All teeth are not removed but they have gaps. These dentures are likened to a bridgework that has been removed. The "fake teeth" are glued to a gum-coloured base. Then the base is attached to a metal frame which is later connected to your remaining teeth.


These take the role of caps to your teeth. They protect the teeth from damaging hence restoring the shape and look when the original structure is not enough. The crowns become the only option for patients with extensive teeth damage. In the history of cosmetic dentistry treatment, crowns are the oldest form. There are various options available in a dentures clinic in Etobicoke.

They are placed by cutting down any tooth material that hinders the entire tooth with a crown. Hence its nickname "cap". The cap is colored the same as your natural teeth to prevent any form of spottiness.


Bridges replace the missing teeth. They bridge the gaps of one or more teeth. On each side, the bridge consists of one or more crowns. It is called anchoring. The bridges must be anchored and protected by two crowns attached to the remaining natural teeth. False teeth are placed between the gaps. These false teeth are called pontics. The normal natural teeth contain porcelain material. Other patients prefer a golden or metallic alloy.


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