Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy

Often, we find that we neglect to put the care and hygiene of our teeth into our daily routines. If this happens for long enough, you could end up requiring a root canal. It may also be that you take good care of your teeth and still wind up with problems nonetheless. On the advice of your dentist, you could even have gotten a root canal filled following a routine dentist's appointment. No matter the reason, if you are looking for root canal therapy services within Erin Mills, look no further.

Rooth Canal Therapy in Etobicoke, ON

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

Below the white enamel on the tooth surface, there is a tough layer known as dentin. Below the dentin is an inner layer of soft tissue known as the pulp. The pulp is what holds the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue that aid the root of your teeth develop in the developmental phases. A fully developed tooth can survive without pulp since it draws nourishment from the tissue that surrounds it. With that being said, there are problems, which are bound to emerge without a root canal, including increased sensitivity to heat, or cold, less protection from stains, excessive wear and less effective chewing. There are ways to tell if the pulp is infected, such as sharp pain in your teeth and gums, heightened sensitivity to food temperature, or even visible swelling or injury to the tooth. In case you some of these symptoms, then your dentist could recommend that you undergo root canal therapy to get rid of the infected pulp. Do you know that root canal therapy is one of the very common dental procedures? Across the world, 14 million procedures are carried out each year. Although it is a simple procedure, it has saved the natural teeth of thousands of people, helping them to avoid getting bridges or dental implants.

Do I Require Root Canal Therapy?

The decay of root canals is due to numerous reasons. These include repeated procedures performed on the tooth, a chip within the tooth, faulty crowns and deep decaying of existing cavities. As a result, the pulp becomes inflamed and open to infection. Endodontic treatment, root canal therapy, becomes necessary when you have any of the above signs. When carrying out root canal therapy in our Erin Mills dental clinic, the dentist will remove any infected pulp from within the tooth. Afterward, the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected before it is filled and sealed. After this is completed, extra protection may be provided by placing a crown or filling on the tooth. The entire procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and can be completed in a single visit, depending on how many teeth are being treated.

Most patients express the satisfaction of all root canal therapy procedures. This standard, non-surgical procedure not only lets them go back to enjoying the foods they love without suffering from sensitivity, but it also limits the need for regular dental work while preserving a natural smile. If taken care of and maintained, the results of root canal therapy should last a lifetime without the need for further work on the teeth.


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